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My name is Ihsan Aksel. I have been a photographer since, well as long as I can remember. I have always expressed myself through art, and I have always loved expressing myself using the stories of others.

My family is my whole world, and if I am not shooting, you can find me with them!

My goal has always been to make people smile. Whether I was making terrible dad jokes, or a silly joke behind the camera, I have to make you smile.

I never shy away from a photographic challenge. I have done everything from going on a safari to capture the beauty of animals in their natural habitat, all the way to shooting cake smashes with the smallest animals that we all love, OUR KIDS! I love being creative and thinking outside of the box. 

Photography is more than just photos, it is an experience. I believe that even the best photos, if they are attached to a negative experience, become bad pictures. So my guarantee is that you will have a great time while we take photos, which will make the photos even more special.

I look forward to being part of your story, and doing everything that I can to make sure your visions come to life! 

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